Importance of Digital Literacy:

Digital literacy is an important component of our parent engagement programs, which have joint goals of 1) developing the confidence and leadership of parents to participate in their children’s education, while 2) building transferable skills that participants can utilize in the job-market, when/if starting a small businesses, and to seeking additional job training/education. 

Through our program, participants with no or very limited digital skills can learn foundational digital literacy skills, such as finding resources/information online to support themselves and their children, creating Microsoft Word and Google Doc documents, creating a powerpoint presentation, basics of computer and web safety, and more! Participants also develop their soft-skills by working on projects together and presenting to the class as a group and individually.  

Throughout the program, participants receive wrap-around supports for themselves and their family from the team and referral partners. 

Enrollment Requirements:

  • Adults who are 18 years of age or older
  • Currently possess none or very limited digital literacy skills
  • Have an interest in digital skills development
  • Can identify personal and professional goals related to digital skills development

To learn more email Jenny Huarhua, Parent Leadership Program Manager, at 

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