We have come to an understanding that early childcare, as the industry exists today, is in a state of crisis specifically for Black, Brown, and immigrant communities. Our early childcare program builds and nurtures neighborhood childcare pods for single mothers and mothers of young children, while gathering pivotal data on the collective needs of our members. We also play a critical role in organizing, training, and empowering immigrant and refugee childcare workers to establish liberating small- and micro-business development practices.

MLOV supports for two pilot childcare pods for 25 low-income immigrant and refugee families in Brightwood and Columbia Heights. Due to the protracted economic crisis, these families cannot afford childcare, diapers, wipes, and baby gear for their children (ages 0-3). It is challenging for our moms to access public and community support because they are undocumented or face language access barriers (most of the moms speak Spanish, with limited English proficiency). This pilot project is part of our larger early childcare program to mobilize families to advocate for early childhood education policy change within the District of Columbia.

As one of the 12 awardees of the WES Mariam Assefa Fund and Tarsadia Foundation’s 2020 Opportunity Challenge, we have received seed funding to scale-up this program within all 8 Wards over the next two years.

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