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Immigrants and families supported since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.


In direct cash assistance for immigrant families since March, 2020.


At-home "Know Your Rights" workshops and trainings.
MLOV organizes grassroots outreach and education events including listening circles, open mics, breakfasts and dinners, “Community Center” style open house events.
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MLOV’s Sanctuary campaign prioritizes ending immigrant detention and liberating children from detention centers in Southern Texas to reunite them with their families in DC.
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Historically, MLOV has organized a 30-member strong Committee representing the District’s only immigrant-led worker base organizing for the successful implementation of wage theft, paid sick days and other worker rights protections.
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For over 12 years, MLOV has trained over 200 immigrant youth of color, originally from dozens of different countries, in community organizing, power building, and political advocacy through our student organizing program.
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MLOV is poised to lead new work organizing and campaigning for childcare worker rights within immigrant and refugee communities.
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