Devin Broadnax

Labor Program Assistant

Devin Broadnax is a Native Washingtonian and a graduate of Luke C. Moore with a concertation in the culinary and digital arts. Despite following societal rules in advancing his career, Devin learned through experience; that racism and injustice thrived in the workplace.  

After learning about MLOV's work to fight for restaurant workers, Devin joined the team as a youth intern and now works as a program assistant.

"I now know how important it is to work with an organization that understands what it means to be Black, low-income and needing an opportunity to grow."

Devin hopes to impact the lives of other marginalized residents to break the systematic chains holding many people back from opportunities and success. You may see Devin skateboarding around Ward 1 working with MLOVs youth out in the community.

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